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Glossary of Terms

A decorative ornament applied to the surface of another item.
Uneven. Having parts that do not correspond in size, shape or arrangement.
baker's twine:
Made of twisted strands of cotton generally in two colors. Used by bakers to tie bakery boxes closed.
A long strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design, hung in a public place or carried in a procession.
A decorative row of raised dots, usually following the edge of something such a photo frame border.
belly band:
A ribbon or strip of decorative paper that crosses a package.
An adornment held in place with a pin or clasp.
bulk packaged:
Not individually boxed.
A coarse heavy plain-woven fabric usually of jute or hemp.
(shĭ-fŏn ′) A lightweight transparent or almost transparent plain-weave fabric with a dull finish and beautiful draping abilities.
A stemmed champagne glass with a shallow, broad bowl. May also be used for daiquiris.
craft beer:
a beer made in a non-mechanized way by a small brewery.
(da'-məsk) Used in our store, damask refers to a 2-color pattern that is symmetrical. If a line were drawn through the center, both sides of the design would be identical.
Recessed from the background.
die cut:
Machine cut with blades for complicated designs/edges. A cookie cutter, for example, is a die cutter.
Raised against the background.
(fō) Imitation.
fleur de lis:
(flər-də-ˈlē) Literally "flower of the lily". A simple drawing of an iris used in art and heraldry. a stylized emblem long associated with the French crown.s
flight (beer or wine):
A selection of small portions intended to be tasted together for the purpose of comparison.
key chain fob:
A decorative ornament attached to a key chain.
freshwater pearl:
Pearl that is farmed and created using freshwater mussels.
gel candle:
Clear or translucent candle made of candle gel.
A checked pattern that appears woven.
A ring of metal, rubber or plastic that strengthens or protects an opening.
A graphic representation of something, a person or thing that is symbolic or well-known. Sometimes religious in nature.
A design or pattern produced on a surface by pressure. See silk screened and pad printed.
Wood pulp combined with recycled fibre resulting in a brownish paper. May also refer to the color of this paper.
laser cut:
A laser is used to cut through paper allowing for highly intricate details.
MDF wood:
Medium Density Fiberboard. An engineered wood product combining wood fibers with wax and a resin binder, generally denser than plywood.
(moh-teef') A decorative design or pattern.
A thin, stiff, translucent fabric with a plain weave.
pad print:
An image transferred from a silicone pad to an object, similar to stamping. Creates a crisp print with well defined edges.
(per-les'-ent) Having a pearly luster.
Narrow, tapering flags usually combined to form a banner.
(pep'-lum) A short overskirt or ruffle.
Decorative flower stamen. Sometimes jeweled.
photo booth:
Traditionally a small booth one sits in to have their photo taken. Often used today to refer to a designated area embellished with a backdrop and possibly props for posed photos.
a feather or arrangement of feathers
A resin compound generally used for statues, figurines, and decorative furniture. It is a sturdy material that can be intricately molded, allowing a great level of detail with consistent texture.
Also called a kissing ball. May be used to decorate an area or carried in a procession.
poured candle:
A non-messy candle that is poured into a container. The container holds the wax as it liquefies during burning.
made from stripped palm fronds, a brown/tan natural fiber.
(rez′ən) A thick substance made from plants or trees that is used to make plastics, pills, lacquers, inks, glues and other things.
A hard, durable, silver-white metal often used on other metals to produce a corrosion-resistant finish.
A smooth fabric that is woven with a glossy face and a dull back. Matte satin is not glossy. Combining shiny satin and matte satin provides a pleasing contrast.
silk screen:
A stencil technique in which a design or pattern is imposed on a fine mesh screen with blank areas coated with a non-porous substance. Creates an image that is clean, very sharp and high quality.
Covered with a thin coat of silver.
A platform at the base of a box.
taper candle:
Tall thin candle.
tea light candle:
A small candle usually in a metal or plastic cup.
(twahl) Can refer to a linen-like fabric or a design with a pastoral theme depicting rural life. Widely used in Colonial America.
top stitching:
Noticeable decorative stitching close to the edge of an item sometimes in a contrasting color from the item. Often, two rows of parallel stitches.
(tool) A fine net of silk, rayon or nylon, often starched.
The use of varying typestyles to form a design. Sometimes involves varying font sizes.
A small holder for a candle.
votive candle:
A small pillar-shaped candle that liquefies when burning.
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