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Joyful Bride Articles

Bring Blended Families Together in a Sand Unity Ceremony

In today's world, unfortunately divorce is a rising statistic. In fact, nearly one-third of all Americans are currently part of a blended family. So, for many bride and groom couples who are joining their existing… Read More

Contemporary Weddings Reflect Victorian Traditions

Contemporary brides are inspired by the traditions of our Victorian ancestors, from bridal gowns to bridal cakes. The wedding gown underwent many transitions as the Victorian era progressed and fashion dictated. As a middle-class emerged,… Read More

Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Among today's buzz words are "eco-friendly" and "green". There's good reason for this environmental consciousness becoming a growing part of our society. With the earth being a limited resource, we should all do our part… Read More

Let Your Monogram Make a Statement

Monograms are traditionally viewed as the elite form of combining your letters into a single symbol. Monograms have been used for centuries and were used to display an artisan's signature on a creation. Through the… Read More

Logistics of a Successful Beach Wedding

For a successful beach wedding and reception, there are several challenges that must be considered. Only through forethought and planning can you stage an affair that captures the carefree essence of the sand and sea.… Read More

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